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          Welcome to Shenzhen Suntrap Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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          Contact us

          Ivy Xiao / Vice General Manager
          TEL: 0755-28795977
          FAX: 0755-28790076
          WhatsApp & Mobile: +86-13713531928
          Email: factory@suntrap.com.cn sales@suntrap.com.cn
          Skype & Wechat ID: ivydailan
          QQ: 2853322501
          Address:301, B Building, Fengmenao village Industrial plant, Gangtou Bantian Street, Longgang District Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

          Talent concept

          Rende is based on innovation and talent. 
          It is the company‘s eternal pursuit of talent and talent, but morality and honesty are the primary measures. 
          In the company to development, with open arms, we welcome the honest, has the thought, has the potential to skilled, innovative talents to join our talent, we will warmly abnormality is employed. 
          Broad development space 
          The company‘s principle of employing people is that the person knows how to use it and it is suitable. Short of human being; On the one hand, the flatlet makes the mediocre. Dig deep into the potential of each colleague to maximize his enthusiasm and initiative; At the same time, we should attach importance to the combination of individuality and diversity of each employee, and insist on the best use of all talents, all the best and best efforts to help every colleague succeed in his work. 
          We are fully committed to helping young people grow rapidly for talented and capable talents to create all sorts of opportunity to stand out, to provide talents with outstanding contribution more broad platform, maximum limit to provide all kinds of talent development and talent into space. 
          The platform of achievement sharing 
          To promote the development of enterprises with the development of employees is our long-term goal. The company has adopted the results sharing as the core policy to enhance staff‘s motivation to maintain employee stability, and to implement various personalized incentives in accordance with the individual‘s contribution to the company. At the same time, the bold promotion of young, potential, capable and thoughtful employees is the positive encouragement of these young talents to keep the company alive.