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          Welcome to Shenzhen Suntrap Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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          About us

          About us

          Contact us

          Ivy Xiao / Vice General Manager
          TEL: 0755-28795977
          FAX: 0755-28790076
          WhatsApp & Mobile: +86-13713531928
          Email: factory@suntrap.com.cn sales@suntrap.com.cn
          Skype & Wechat ID: ivydailan
          QQ: 2853322501
          Address:301, B Building, Fengmenao village Industrial plant, Gangtou Bantian Street, Longgang District Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

          Company profile

          About Suntrap
          Shenzhen Suntrap Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2009.Committed to become the mobile storage, digital processing related products industry manufacture and sales leader in China.
          Suntrap set of the production and sales current. the main products kinds for the mobile storage, like USB flash drive, SSD(hard disk), power bank products all can provide you with OEM & ODM.(Provide OEM,ODM, wholesale and agency services, products exported to North America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States and Europe etc. a lot of countries and regions).
          Suntrap located at Shenzhen Longgang district, Buji town, Bantian Xuexiang Village Zhonghao Industrial Park, With more than hundred of the professional manufacture employee, Suntrap has experienced engineers and designer, has high standard technician system and quality control people, sales elite dozens of people, strong technical force, plant area of 1,200 square meters, four SMT production lines and has well served test equipment here.
          Suntrap has been adhering to the all products are use good quality flash and full memory; all chips can be passed the H2 testing, never make even one piece upgrade and fake chip. All products can pass the CE, FCC, ROHS testing too.

          Suntrap’s source policy
          The company spirit of innovation, commitment to the global market with world-class “Made in China” digital products and services.
           In business, the adoption of a marketing, product development, manufacturing three pillars of balanced development, to seek international customers through an extensive and expanding export business channels, to fully understand the international market and customer needs as the premise, development and design to meet customer needs products;
           In the supply, through the good parts suppliers with domestic and international key component suppliers, to establish solid long-term partner relationships with strategic partners to complete product manufacturing;
           In business performance and quality, full utilization of the existing scale advantages, continue to strengthen and improve management and reduce costs, optimize processes and continuous quality assurance system, and improve service levels, to ultimately achieve customer satisfaction.
          Suntrap’s concept
          Suntrap tenet is “quality first, customer first”, “integrity, pragmatic, innovative”, ISO9002 quality management system is our production standard. Provide customers with the highest quality, best service and most reasonable price is our sought
          The company will continue to uphold “honesty, trust, collaboration, rigorous, innovative, agile,” the core values of continuous improvement of work methods and work processes, comprehensive, adequate and timely manner to meet customer needs.