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          Company news

          U disk custom factory teach you how to buy U disk

          Time:2017-12-26 Views:184

          U disk custom factory teach you how to buy U disk
            I do not know if you have not found that after work often need to use U disk. However, many small partners want to ask, when buying a U disk, pay attention to what the problem? What should be considered? Today, Xiao Bian to help you answer it.
          To choose the metal shell
          Although the quality of some U disk clearance, but the shell is very thin, accidentally smashed, leaving the center of the data like. As a result this U discarded. Although the metal U disk expensive, but durable. Buy a brand U disk
          U plate of the brand protection, u disk itself is very easy to bad. If you buy bad u disk bad more likely. However, the brand u disk is always relatively good point, but aftermarket also done well. Pay attention to security
          Buy u disk must pay attention to buy a brand. In fact, u disk market who can not see which is genuine, which is a fake, authentic is a security logo. Different brands of u disk has its own method of screening to the official website to check. Consider reading and writing speed
          U disk to pay attention to what to buy, pay attention to the flash drive. U disk read and write speed is very important, especially those who need to back and forth to store large amounts of data to some of the best brands in the country, read and write speed is more general. Some u disk manufacturers is the main literacy rate.
          Notice if the interface is 3.0
          Many u disk did not pay attention to the interface problems, resulting in slow read and write. In fact, 3.0 is much faster, but the price is relatively high, most people use 2.0 actually it. Not a job, no need to buy such a good. Note the actual amount of storage
          Basically 8G u disk memory only 7.4G, this is for sure. So buy U disk can not be stuck with the maximum capacity to buy. Otherwise, after the purchase can not survive. If you can not buy bigger point. In addition, we usually pay attention to the following points:
          First, never pull the USB flash drive when the flash of the USB flash drive is flashing, because the USB flash drive is reading or writing data at this time, and the data may be damaged if it is unplugged midway.
          Second, do not close the program immediately after the backup file is complete, because at this time, the indicator on the USB flash drive is still blinking, indicating that the program has not been completely ended. At this time, the USB flash drive can be easily unplugged.
          Third, pay attention to the U disk placed in a dry environment, do not let the U disk interface exposed to the air for a long time, otherwise easily lead to surface oxidation of metals, reducing interface sensitivity. At the same time, do not put a long time U disk has been inserted in the USB interface, or on the one hand easily lead to aging of the interface, on the other hand is also a U disk loss.

          Finally reminded everyone to note that in the future to disconnect the mobile device and the computer, you must use the safe to remove the hardware feature, or it may damage your mobile device.

          Today‘s buying tips, we all learned it? U disk custom manufacturers