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          Welcome to Shenzhen Suntrap Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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          Ivy Xiao / Vice General Manager
          TEL: 0755-28795977
          FAX: 0755-28790076
          WhatsApp & Mobile: +86-13713531928
          Email: factory@suntrap.com.cn sales@suntrap.com.cn
          Skype & Wechat ID: ivydailan
          QQ: 2853322501
          Address:301, B Building, Fengmenao village Industrial plant, Gangtou Bantian Street, Longgang District Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

          Company news

          Shenzhen U disk

          Time:2017-12-26 Views:251
          Shenzhen Xingtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a U disk custom manufacturers, specializing in the production of U disk and other digital products, custom U disk constantly exported to domestic and foreign, by the public‘s praise! Only you can not think of the pattern, there is no Xingtai source can not do U disk.
          Xingtai source of electronic high-quality rubber production plant for Xingtai electronic U disk ,, rechargeable treasure products such as a steady stream of silicone materials to do environmentally friendly shell, exquisite workmanship so that customers are very satisfied.
            Xingtai source of electronic rubber plant has advanced production equipment (including pressing and curing machine and silicone injection molding machine and rubber mixer, etc.), obtained IS09001: 2008 quality management system and ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification, to produce in line with ROHS PAHS REACH FDA LFGB NSF and other environmental and safety standards, the establishment of a well-equipped laboratories and testing rooms, from the development of rubber formulations, mold design and processing, product design and manufacture of a full range of services.
           Today, customers come to visit our rubber factory.
           The client said: Although the inspection activity was short, it clearly felt Xingtai source full status and excitement. In addition, the product adds fresh elements on the basis of storage, the product is fashionable and trendy, meets the requirements of the company and is looking forward to the cooperation of both parties. At the same time, the message Xingtai source electronic early listing in the new board, so good service, to win a good reputation, a well-known brand in the storage industry!
             Xingtai source electronic multi-purpose to meet customer demand, professional casting our product line, in good faith customer service.
             Shenzhen Xingtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Company Profile Shenzhen Xingtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of gift U disk research and development, production, brand management, channel management and international trade as one of the high-tech enterprises. The factory was established in 1996, now has more than 10,000 square feet of standardized industrial plants, dust-free purification plant, nearly 500 employees. In the production process, the strict international quality system as the standard, the use of first-class international production equipment, the most advanced chip assembly technology, and lead-free reflow soldering machines, product laboratories, to produce highly welcomed by customers high-quality products . All products of our factory pass the ISO certification, CE, FCC, GSV, ROSH, FCCA and other international certification, exported to Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, Asia and other regions.
          With its efficient management platform, service network, excellent and stable quality, and innovative design, Sluck has won many domestic and overseas famous brand partners‘ recognition. Our partners are: Bestbuy, HP, Walmart, Sony, Carrefour, China Bank of Communications, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Insurance, China Mobile, China Unicom, Sun Yat-sen University, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Haier, Gree and so on, and has maintained long-term and stable cooperative relations.
          Si Leke is a professional U disk production plant, specializing in U disk R & D and production for up to 17 years, with professional production and R & D team, in the gift U disk, female U disk, webkey customization and research and development has accumulated rich experience. We will be customer-oriented, to bring customers efficient service and high-quality products. Sincere service, sincere hospitality, production more and better personalized U disk, fashion U disk, female U disk to serve our customers.
           If you need a U disk, call order yo
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